Monday, April 16, 2007

What was Wrong about Imus' Downfall

Everyone else has said a few words or more than a few, so I will also. Public communications, of every respectable kind, even including blogs like this one, can only prosper when people conduct themselves appropriately.

Imus should have left the airwaves, and the tube. But not because of a Soros-funded "media monitor", as discussed in the WSJ previously. That was reprehensible, and stupid to boot, even from their perspective.

Imus, and Stern for that matter, should never have even been marketable. His trashy, mean, just low style should have kept him on low-wattage AM stations, if even there. Our society has serious values and civility problems. I happened to tune in MSNBC for a few minutes on the day he verbally savaged Ms. Contessa Brewer on the air. If a single gentleman had been present, Imus should have been punched in the nose. He deserved a punch in the nose that day. On camera, just the way he insulted her. But there were apparently no gentlemen present, just his hangers-on. He'll do fine financially. There's no need to worry about him. There is small chance for him to become decent, however. So good riddance to him, at least for a time.

Finding a Replacement For Imus Won't Be Easy -



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