Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Long-Term Investing Keeps Its Old-Fashioned Shine: Chet Currier, of Bloomberg News

One of the biggest problems with all of the financial media is the dysfunctional short-term fixation reflected in a huge percentage of the words written. This article is an exception. Kudos to Mr. Currier and Bloomberg for it.

Short-term thinking will get you taxed more heavily, subjected to huge risks that, remarkably, get smaller with a longer-term focus, and generally affected by numerous other problems such as performance-chasing, etc. Read the article. He's correct, as I see it. Don't know how to invest with a long term focus? Don't feel bad. CNBC and all the other financial MSM is just not about doing that. Exceptions exist, but you have to search them out. Like maybe this blog. At least that's my hope.

Bloomberg.com: Opinion

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