Thursday, April 12, 2007

And Trading Isn't Investing Either, Mr. Hoenig

Whenever someone can articulate a rational basis for thinking you can come out ahead by trading, other than wishful thinking, I'll consider it something more than gambling. Technical analysis? Not acceptable, not rational, as there is no objective research support whatsoever.Did you get that, technical analysis is not rational. Fundamental analysis? For short-term trading? Market noise overwhelms whatever merit there might be. In the slightly longer run? Twenty thousand other guys got in before you. You're in danger of being the patsy, the mark, at the poker table. Careful investors win, as markets always have moved up over time. Market returns are good, very good, and available. Some turtles run rather well, it seems.

Investing Isn't Gambling, Though Both Carry Risk (McDonald's) |

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