Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Another Twist on SRI (Socially Responsible Investing)

A story on how a group concerned about global warming, rather than dump or avoid stocks of companies they have concerns about, are using their status as shareholders to seek to influence the companies in the direction they wish them to go.

Now frankly, it is hard for me to see Bed, Bath & Beyond as some sort of villain on global warming, if man-made global warming even actually exists. Perhaps they will sell fewer blankets if it is warmer. But these activists are onto one thing. If you have shares, you have votes. If you don't, you don't. If you have enough shares, you have a voice. Win over other shareholders and you have change. But for the sake of the shareholders at large, the employees, and those who purchase the business's goods and services, you had better be right.

Investors criticize Exxon, Wells Fargo for climate agenda - Feb. 13, 2007



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