Friday, February 09, 2007

'A Slugfest Gets Uglier' -- Washington Post

The story is by Steven Pearlstein, and is about a noteworthy fight between one company and the hedge fund which shorted its' stock. There are no angels visible in the story.

A quote:

There is disturbing evidence, for example, that hedge funds make some of their money by trading on what most laymen would consider inside information. There are entire firms devoted to obtaining proprietary information from present and former employees of companies, suppliers and contractors. Others have approached researchers offering to pay for an early peek at drug-trial results. Hedge funds reportedly spend big money for lobbyists who might tip them off to major legislative developments before they happen. And just this week, the SEC announced that it was investigating whether hedge funds had received tips from investment banks and brokerage houses about coming trades or merger announcements.

Steven Pearlstein - A Slugfest Gets Uglier -

The lesson from all this? Find the most honest people you can to deal with. What on earth next? Is there anything past the pale for these guys?

Remember, "you cannot con an honest man." Be the honest man, or woman. If an investment purveyor claims the ability to make you shockingly big returns, and has no better explanation for "how?" than his claimed larger, highly evolved brain, and implies politely that his ways are just too complex for you to understand, well, gee. Consider saying, "no thanks." and find yourself some more transparent approach to investing money.

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