Friday, February 09, 2007

Common Sense: "Hedge Funds Charge Too Much for Returns, Calpers Says" -- Bloomberg

That title says it all, if you ask me. Subpar returns as a group, rapacious, eggregious fees, and no articulated rational basis for the idea that they can as a group deliver premium returns. They are a potentially destabilizing force in the financial markets. Other than that, they're great! Oh yes, and regarding the ones marketed to individuals, some of the managers have had big losses and then run off with what was left of the money. Why would anyone get concerned over tiny little things like that?

These things are a distraction or hindrance to investors seeking to accomplish their investing and financial objectives. Offering people an "easy way to big gains" that doesn't really work, except for the sellers of these things, does not help them one bit. Worldwide



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