Thursday, March 22, 2007

A Little Market Comment

Well, by now it seems as if we've seen a little of everything this year. Quiet upward movement, large one-day drops, movement back up. What next? There are plenty of pundits who have been predicting everything from a "Very nice, very nice, fifteen percent gain in the broad market by the end of the year, so buy my mutual fund to get in on it!" to the guys who say, "The end is near! Buy my newsletter to save yourself!"

They don't know what the market will do. They really don't. And that's just fine.

You do well as an investor, and can reasonably hope to do fine over time, by ceasing to play the pundits' "loser's game". Educate yourself on what really has worked in investing, or get yourself a low-fee, trustworthy advisor. I've talked about evaluating advisers, to find the ones who are good fiduciaries, before.

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