Thursday, March 15, 2007

MarketWatch: Working in Retirement

Robert Powell has an article at MarketWatch offering some good thoughts in an interesting article. What if you are underfunded when retirement starts? He says that one in four Americans will not be able to work in retirement, due to health or other issues. Many may be planning to do so. And not enough employers are gearing up to hire or retain older workers.

Working during retirement, to bring in some extra money, to stay busy with your field, to stay interested in life, to feel useful: each is a valid reason for staying employed. Powell notes that there "is also a question as to how ready employers will be to hire and retain older workers." good point. Do you want a robust job market for seniors, like yourself, like your friends? I suggest that you spend your money where you see people who look like yourself! When senior start telling service providers and others you do business with, "I am sorry, but I do not patronize businesses who will not hire a qualified older person", then you will see change.

There are links to great resources in the article, including a study on retirement readiness, weight and retirement, older workers and the workplace. Go see. Think about this if you think you might need to work in retirement.

What do you love doing? Is there a job or self-employment doing what you love?

Working in retirement may not be your best backup plan - MarketWatch

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