Thursday, December 21, 2006

The Right Kind of Question You Should be Asking

401(k)s: How much do you need to contribute? - Dec. 19, 2006

This article does a good job of opening up the thought process. Will your retirement be well funded? The free online tools mentioned in the article can tell you some things about how well you are standing, or whether you need to save and invest more. You don't need to invest with the folks who put them on the web to use them. If you identify yourself, you will get some kind of a contact later, but you can put in an alias if you wish. The point is to use the tool, get an initial workup of where you stand. As you go through the exercise, keep your investment returns assumptions conservative, say eight percent per year. You want a real-world, meaningful result, don't you? If it looks like you are somewhat under-funded, do not go into a funk, get moving. Take steps. A new year is a great time to take steps toward a more secure future. You can still make a significant difference. You'll be very glad you did. You will!

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