Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Google's Finance Site Gets Makeover -- I Have Ideas!

Google's Finance Site Gets Makeover -- I Have Ideas!

I took a look at it. Still needs something. The charting is supposed to be enhanced, but I tried to get a chart of IWD, the iShares Russell 1000 Value ETF on the screen, but strangely, it just created an empty chart which said, "no data". That isn't good.

Here are some free ideas for Google: do something better than the competition with your charting feature. Give me a way to create five-year total return charts (dividends reinvested,) for bond mutual funds! Give me a way to create a similar total returns chart for a simple portfolio with user-specified percentages of holdings I choose! Give me a way to match that against a blended index benchmark (like say, 60% S&P 500, and 40% some broad bond index! You have the data! Get beyond ridiculous trader-oriented things like candlesticks and simple moving averages! Put in something real investors can use! By doing so, you will perform a real service, and leave the other finance sites in your dust!

PC World - Google Revamps Finance

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