Friday, September 07, 2007

at an inflexion point in subprime crisis? Perhaps

Hat tip to Fintag on this one.

A couple of rather powerful thoughts: "...investors should be canny and careful, and take little for granted. My own strategy is to invest in sound assets and simply hold onto them. That’s because the other relevant phenomenon about crises, is the system ultimately recovers. If you have the staying power, you will probably do fine." This is how investing, real investing, is done. You establish an appropriate asset allocation for you, in full consideration of your own time horizon and ability to bear market risk. You stick to it. If you do not understand how to do this, you should study some, or you gird up your loins and go find yourself a trustworthy, competent adviser. He can.

A trustworthy adviser has an investment approach consistent with objective academic investment research, not Wall Street's age-old refrain: "We're sooo smart, we can out-research and out-invest and out-trade everyone else for you! It must be so. Just look at my nice watch and expensive office!"

Bruner: We are at an inflexion point in subprime crisis - General News - - The network for financial decision makers

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