Wednesday, June 27, 2007

In today'a WSG: Brit Hedge Fund GLG Settles Short-Selling Accusations

The SEC's claim is that GLG, which purely coincidentally is going public itself, made illegal short sales in connection with 14 public offerings.

You know, you could almost do a "Hedge Fund Scandal of the Day".

I have a modest little proposal ...

Might I suggest: Before anyone invested in a hedge fund, what if they asked for and require written statements by authorized persons that the fund has not and will not violate short selling rules, has not engaged in and will not engage in or collude with other hedge funds in attempts to manipulate the market, has not and will not falsify its reporting to clients, will not lose most of their money and abscond with whatever is left, or engage in any other illegal practices whatsoever, and that the fund will disclose upfront how much leverage it will use and will not exceed that amount of leverage. Perhaps the fund should also be required to produce objective proof of its claimed superior trading skills!

Just a modest proposal. We might also add sort of a scarlet letter concept, a simple English one page disclosure of every regulatory scrape the fund or its executives have ever been in, however they might have been resolved.

GLG Settles Short-Selling Accusations -

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