Tuesday, January 23, 2007

FT - "Goldilocks still defies the bears"

FT.com / Wealth - Goldilocks still defies the bears

The three best things I've seen today (so far) all came from the Financial Times. It's good, but how often will you see that? A few choice quotes from the linked piece....

"Even Bill Miller, who last year suffered the end of his record 15-year streak of beating the S 500 index, is strongly bullish for 2007...'We expect 7 to 8 per cent earnings growth and, when you take into account other factors, such as dividends, and include our non-consensus view that the US dollar will rise not fall, that means that if you are a European investor, you could earn 30 per cent from the US stock market next year.'”

"John Hodge is the president and chief investment officer of Permal, the world’s biggest fund of funds, with $27bn. He says that the consensus among the 200 hedge fund managers that Permal invests with is that there will be a “soft landing” (the Goldi­locks outcome) for the US economy this year."

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